PIPE PIER® is made in the USA

PIPE PIER® is made in the USA


PIPE PIER® Elite: A New Level of Support

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Elite 4" PP30

Elite 4" PP50

100% Recyclable. Better for the Environment. Better for Buildings.

Introducing PIPE PIER® Elite, the next generation of pipe support systems from the innovators of high-performance pipe support systems. The PIPE PIER® Elite meets the toughest demands of plumbing, electrical, and mechanical roof applications. The PIPE PIER® Elite provides the most versatile, cost-effective support installation available.

Elite 4" PP50 - PP50ELH4
4"H x 4"W x 10-1/2"L with 50 lbs max load.
PP50ELH4 Package Quantity: 10

Elite 4" PP30 - PP30ELH4
4"H x 4"W x 5"L with 30 lbs max load.
PP30ELH4 Package Quantity: 20

Elite 6" PP50 - PP50ELH6
6"H x 4"W x 10-1/2"L with 50 lbs max load.
PP50ELH6 Package Quantity: 10

The Next Generation of Pipe Support

100% Recyclable
Unique Closed Cell and High Density Polyethylene construction provides long-lasting performance with the added environmental sustainability.

Unlike other support systems and wood blocks, PIPE PIER® Elite can be easily transported to job sites, saving time and energy.

Quick and Easy
Only simple tools are required - even long runs and multiple pieces install with ease.

In addition to being strong, resilient and shock absorbing, PIPE PIER® Elite offers superior termperature resistance and UV protection, ensuring long-lasting performance under the harshest conditions.

PIPE PIER®'s patented construction absorbs shock, dampens vibration and provides superior stability - keeping pipe, conduit and equipment secure and roof structures free of damage caused by inferior support systems. When you compare PIPE PIER® Elite to all other pipe support systems, you'll see why PIPE PIER® comes out on top.

Pictures from PIPE PIER® Elite installations throughout North America.

Submittal Sheet and Brochure
PIPE PIER® Products are ASTM and UL fire test compliant and independently tested by the Atlas Weathering Services Group for environmental integrity, even in the most hostile environments. Pipe Pier® products are trusted by more specifiers and installers of alternative support systems than any other.

Submittal Sheets [.pdf] are designed to assist engineers, designers, contractors, and builders in selecting the appropriate PIPE PIER® product for each application. They are beneficial as you prepare to install new hardware and service existing pipes, conduit, and equipment.

Brochure [.pdf] give an overview of our products and how they can help you in your application.


CAD Drawings
CAD drawings are available to show engineers, designers, contractors, and builders detailed technical information and pictures about our support systems. All CAD drawings uploaded to the site are in AutoCAD formation with the DWG extension.

We are currently updating our CAD files for the PIPE PIER® Elite products.

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